La Cava, Sicilian cheeses by tradition

Pecorino and canestrato cheese, provola and stretched curd cheese, ricotta and mozzarella, yoghurt and soft desserts. La Cava products, made with fresh Sicilian milk only, tell the story of the island’s dairy tradition and interpret new trends in the cheese industry.

The dairy’s specialties also include free-from and rich-in cheeses, designed to meet the needs of all consumers.

Pecorino and Canestrato Cheeses

Fresh or aged, plain or enriched with flavors from our tradition. All of them made with fresh milk of Sicilian origin only.

Stretched Curd Cheeses

Provola, provoletta, stretched curd cheeses, waxed rind – all of them made from our milk with a 100% Sicilian short supply chain.


Typical products, like our Nerello flavored canestrato cheese, lactose-free cheeses and other dairy specials to cater for several dietary restrictions.

Ricotta Cheese

Our ricotta production can boast a 100% Sicilian short supply chain. We process it with artisanal methods to obtain products with an extremely wide variety of flavors.

Yoghurt and soft desserts

Our 100% Sicilian milk and its sweetest interpretations. Genuine ingredients and careful production preserve the amazing flavors of fresh milk.

Mozzarella cheese

Our master cheesemakers’ expertise allows them to create mozzarella braids, knots, chunks and bites.

Excellent quality,

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