History of our passion

1970, Randazzo.

This is where our Diary Factory has existed for 50 years, born from the passion and insights of Carmelo La Cava. It is in this very rich and fertile territory, a crossroads of 3 large cities – Catania, Messina, Enna – and 3 protected parks – the Etna Park, the Nebrodi Park, and the Alcantara River Park – that the wisdom of local shepherds and small producers is enriched by technical skills and technological innovation in the dairy sector.


The foundations of our first Diary Factory


Our first
structural enlargement


The creation of the new


The construction of a new
larger and state-of-the-art
Dairy Factory

Milk, love, and respect for the territory

The ingredients that shape our history

In 1970 Carmelo La Cava, coming from two generations of cheesemakers, arrived in Randazzo from Montalbano Elicona with a goal: to create a Diary Factory by combining his knowledge with the ones of local workers. His foresight and drive, together with his wife and children, meant that despite the difficulties – among them a lava flow that almost destroyed the bases of the Diary Factory – that project became a reality.
Today La Cava is a certified company committed to producing without harming the environment, thanks to the contribution of the new generation and its proximity to the territory.

Among our principles there is respect for local craftsmanship and the rhythms of nature.
We work hand in hand with farmers to ensure animal welfare and health and put in place good recycling practices for out wastes. We prefer non-intensive farming practices and choose only the best milk, regularly subjected to checks and laboratory’s analyses.
We use only pasteurized milk by choice and have managed to isolate the native strains of lactic bacteria with which we create our canesrates.

Sicilian cheese on the slopes of Etna

The place where we are is an integral part of our supply chain. The cheeses we create have stamped the Etna soil mark, where the livestock of our farms graze in freedom. Due to the presence of three protected parks together with the wisdom handed down by local cheese makers and breeders, we create cheeses with a unique flavor.

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