How is our
product born?

Every day we collect fresh milk from the farms, and, when it reaches the diary factory, the milk undergoes to screening checks and tests before placing it in the silos for storage. Our production chain starts with good milk and knowledgeable breeders. After pasteurization, our team of cheesemakers start the magic dance of transformation by following traditional processing.

Those who work with us, our farmhouses, are all expert connoisseurs since many years. More than machines, the human component is fundamental to us, the team of people who knows and supervision what gets made at every step. Our supply chain respects the natural milk cycles of production: for this reason, we do not produce outside the ideal period and do not use frozen milk.

A territory
to love and respect

We care about our territory, and we respect the environment and implement good recycling and reuse practices. Our goal is to live in complete harmony with our surroundings, using sustainable materials and avoiding intensive farming practices. The place where we are is an integral part of our supply chain. The forms we create have stamped the Etna soil mark where the livestock of our farms graze in freedom every day.

Excellent quality,

Safety is our priority, and safety for us means to scrupulously checking both the process and the products. Every day, in our laboratory we carry out screenings and analyses that allow us to select the best milk and to comply with all the legal parameters related to sanitary hygiene standards. We are both BRC and IFS certified company and we endeavor to prescribe with the highest and safest production standards. This vision includes milk pasteurization, which allows us to maintain high levels of safety for those who buy and enjoy our products.