The plant and
the territory

Enna, Catania, Messina, Caltanisetta, and Agrigento. The farms from which our milk, flourish in these territories. Our area of interest also intersects the cities of Catania and Messina. In the mountains, the livestock graze freely, been fed almost exclusively with local crops.

When Carmelo La Cava moved to Randazzo, he had already guessed that this was a fertile area in which to establish his Diary Factory. In addition to the undeniable peculiarities of the area, nestled between three natural parks, what gives value to this corner of Sicily is the rooted human heritage. Overtime, our Diary Factory was born, driven by the continuous exchange with the local territory.


We are talking about handcrafted manual processing assisted by science and research. Our products respect the seasons and the natural milk cycles, without stressing nor forcing. Every year we produce over 4 million liters of milk, and among our delicacies, there are over 40 different products. We export throughout Europe and we mark our presence on the national territory through the GDO (a.k.a. Grande Filieria Organizzata), NORMAL TRADE and HORECA.

We are very committed to people’s health: we research the best formulas for creating good and healthy cheeses, taking advice, and collaborating on projects with local universities. The interchange between manual process, respect for the environment and new technologies is the perfect formula of our production.

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Innovation and respect for the environment

Pascolo ai piedi dell'Etna

Good practices and circular economy

Innovating means using what we are given without wasting it, putting technology at service of well-being. We are aware that we are lucky enough to be in a wonderful place, so we are committed to giving back what we take. We do this, for example, by recycling the whey, which is the byproduct of the manufacture of cottage cheese. The remaining whey is concentrated through reverse osmosis: this gets partially given away to produce biomass for energy production and a partially given to farms to supplement foraging.

Universities and research projects

For years we have been collaboraing with universities on research projects, internships and thesis aiming at advancing research on common topics. Our added value is also here: we are firm believers of constant and progressive improvement, both of our products and the territory.
Our research targets the different people’s needs: therefore, we came up with our “free forms” cheeses, designed for those who are lactose intolerant, and our cheeses, made with additional probiotics.

Excellent quality,

Safety is our priority, and safety for us means to scrupulously checking both the process and the products. Every day, in our laboratory we carry out screenings and analyses that allow us to select the best milk and to comply with all the legal parameters related to sanitary hygiene standards. We are both BRC and IFS certified company and we endeavor to prescribe with the highest and safest production standards. This vision includes milk pasteurization, which allows us to maintain high levels of safety for those who buy and enjoy our products.