Good, safe, and certified

Safeguarding the end consumer is a cornerstone at La Cava dairy factory. All the company's activities are geared toward achieving our goals in terms of quality and food safety policies, which ensure an optimal level of safety, authenticity, legality, and product quality. In order to achieve these strategic goals, we observe high production and quality standards.

We scrupulously comply with all hygienic and sanitary parameters imposed by law and subject the milk to thorough screening and analysis every day .

In addition, to ensure quality and sustainability, the company has adopted a management system that complies with voluntary international BRC and IFS standards.

Our Certifications

BRC Food safety

The international food safety standard developed by the British Retail Consortium provides detailed guidelines and requirements to ensure the safety and quality of food throughout the supply chain, from production to consumption.

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IFS Food

The standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the production, processing, and distribution of food products, helping to guarantee regulatory compliance and consumer safety .

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We are also registered with the US FDA.

Being an US FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) registered company allows us to export our food products to the USA. It is a guarantee of safety from production to transportation of goods.

FDA registration done through Registrar Corp