Dairy La Cava, shape and cheese of Sicily.

Our diary factory has taken shape in a natural way and in full synergy with local breeders. Thanks to the tenacity of Carmelo La Cava, that project became a reality.

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We select and want only Sicilian milk

formaggio canestrato fresco prodotto con latte siciliano


provola di latte siciliano stagionata a pasta filata

Paste Filate

Formaggio ricotta salata classica da latte siciliano

Ricotta cheese

Our wealth
is our Territory

In this rich and fertile territory, crossroads of 3 big cities – Catania, Messina, Enna – and 3 protected parks – the Etna Park, the Nebrodi Park and the Alcantara River Park – that the knowledge of local shepherds and small producers is enriched by technical skills and technological innovation in the dairy sector.

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How is our product born?

From the good milk are produced our Pecorini,
Canestrati and Pasta Filate: local raw materials for cheeses appreciated throughout Europe.

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Excellent quality,

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