Ricotta Cheese

Our ricotta production can boast a 100% Sicilian short supply chain. We process it with artisanal methods to obtain products with an extremely wide variety of flavors.

What makes Sicilian ricotta different

Sicily is one of the main production areas for ricotta. Sicilian ricotta has a different, tastier flavor: following to the traditional recipe, the one we follow in our dairy, we use sheep’s milk to make ricotta instead of cow’s milk, since the former is richer in taste and nutrients.

We prepare our ricottas starting from boiling the cheese whey and we subsequently treat them in an artisanal way to obtain products with a variety of different flavors: ranging from the delicate fresh ricotta to the intense salted ricotta, up to the sweetness of the ricotta with sugar.

This gives La Cava’s ricotta a typical and genuine taste.

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