The flavour of milk in all its forms

"Pecorino cheese, canestrati, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, string cheese, yogurt. From tradition to innovation, our cheeses tell a story with every taste. "

Caseificio La Cava - Pecorini e canestrati cheeses

Pecorini e canestrati cheeses

Cooked paste cheeses, made with sheep's or sheep\’s and cow\’s milk, enriched with genuine local ingredients.

Caseificio La Cava - String cheese

String cheese

String cheeses, fresh and seasoned, to be enjoyed raw or as an ingredient in your preparations.

Caseificio La Cava - Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta Cheese

Fresh or hard ricotta, seasoned or baked in the oven, made only with fresh milk and from typical Sicilian recipes.

Caseificio La Cava - Mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella cheese

Fresh stretched cheese typical of the Italian culinary tradition, perfect both to be consumed raw or as an ingredient for various preparations.

Caseificio La Cava - Yogurt e desserts

Yogurt e desserts

Natural yogurt and delicate desserts, excellent at breakfast or at the end of a meal or for a healthy snack.

Caseificio La Cava - The Specials

The Specials

A range of "special" products for consumers with specific needs.

Good, safe, and certified

We are a BRC and IFS certified company that observes the highest production and quality standards, scrupulously respecting all the health and hygiene parameters required by law.

Caseificio La Cava - BRC FOOD Certificate Caseificio La Cava - Certificazione IFS Food

Every day we subject our milk to thorough screening and analysis to guarantee the product.

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Our products can be found both in the counters of large-scale retail trade, normal trade and Ho.Re.Ca. circuits throughout Italy and abroad.

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    How we make our products

    Our products are the result of handcrafted processing assisted by science and technology, respectful of seasonality and natural milk cycles. Every year we process about 5 million liters of milk, to make more than 40 different products. Products that can be found in the counters of the large-scale retail trade, of traditional retailers and Ho.Re.Ca throughout Italy, also exported outside the national borders.

    Caseificio La Cava - processo di produzione

    Raw materials

    Fresh milk, Sicilian raw materials, suppliers from historically controlled historical companies.These are the ingredients from which we make our products. Because even if our main ingredient is and will always be milk, we want to have everything within what we make talking about us and the places we live in.

    Caseificio La Cava, zone di origine delle materie prime

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